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  2. I just installed it using the ISO. Is there an easy way to install applications on it? Maybe using the Google Play Service? I haven’t really used Android before.

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  3. Help Needed.. When I am trying to compile the source after placing the files in source code of android x86 it gives compile error plz help me out..

    1. Any news on this? I have been trying for a while now…

      It will not run or install on my hp usdt 8200 so I tried android x86 as a second alternative but the android tv launcher force closes as soon as I try to run it…

      I would love a workable experience on this machine… any help is appreciated.

  4. Hey Man,

    Nice job,
    Lets say, i have downloaded the entire android source (around 40GB), so how can i build android TV after that.


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