1. Awesome! Any chance of getting an editable image file? Would like to be able to preload playstore/gapps for a 64gb partition

  2. Nice job! It’s a really fluid experience but there are still some (IMHO) big problems:
    – Lack of a proper browser (the Android basic one is not installed), the one installed can’t download anything since it’s just a simple webview (it runs smooth however)
    – Settings app keep crashing at random while trying to get to WiFi, Account and other options menu
    – No footbar with back/home/recent apps and even with a keyboard user experience is a bit too messy (alt-tab for switching apps causes System UI to crash)

        1. Touch works OK on my ACER FT200HQL.
          I can’t figure how to save setting(clock ) and safely shut down.
          Also no audio on headphones or HDMI.

  3. Hello,
    Is there any easy way to install APK like F-droid, Amazon underground (I understood there is no easy way for GAPPS….).

  4. I have an odd situation in that this image runs fine with my display, but the marshmallow image starts to initiate then the display says “no signal”. I know many others have had success with adjusting the config.txt, but the settings for this image and the marshmallow image are the same. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  5. Does anyone know if Android will recognize a USB GPS plugged into the Pi? I don’t want to go buy one if it’s just not possible, or not even being worked on.

  6. Hi. Is anybody can help me? I saw all the tutorials for how to instal de android in the raspberry pi 3. I downloaded all version of android for raspberry pi I could found. And I cant instal the android in my raspberry pi. Simply does nothing, only flashes once or twice the display and keeps de led’s on.

  7. When installing ,getting a continuous scroll upwards. I’m running Raspberry Pi 3 through HDMI on Samsung 40″ LED TV. Please help

    1. My config.txt looks like follows:

      initramfs ramdisk.img 0x01f00000

  8. GREAT work 🙂
    i have a little problem. I wanted to install ANDROID on my raspberry Pi 3 B because of app called “TASKER”
    I’m getting black screen after launching it and then nothing happens. I’ve tried older version of tasker but it is unusable. any solutions?

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