1. I installed the android tv on my Dell Latitude E5520 successfully but what I have on the desktop does not include the Youtube app on your video. On my scree are; Time, search, settings, network, Cynogenmod File Manager and a spinning “Preparing Recommendations”. I also have the following issues operating the system;
    1. The App Manager on the desktop (supposedly containing the Apps) did not bring up anything but a white blank page, it ends up with File Manager isnt responding message.
    2. I cannot add my account under the Setting, it indicates Settings has stopped.

    I am just helpless. Thanks for your attention.

    1. I am getting almost the same thing. I can get into settings but that is all. When it starts up it asks me which manager I want to use but they both seem to be the same.
      When I start the explorer sometimes it comes up and asks for permissions but after that it just spins.


    2. Buen dia tengo el mismo problema, pude instalar la play store vercion com.android.vending_5.10.31-leanback-80403186_minAPI21(nodpi) pero no encuentro la vercion de sevices para play store, que es por eso no deja iniciar seccion. tambien puedo instalar youtube , iptv , vevo, y netflix pero este ultimo sin funcionar saludos

  2. Thank you very very much for this awesome project!
    Is there a list of bugs and stuff that’s not working yet?

    Thanks again!
    Alpay Y.

  3. Hi, please assist,
    i installed android tv, but i can’t add account.
    every time i press on add account – i get “unfortunately settings has stopped working”….
    so basically i’m stuck with the basic system without any ability to add apps.

  4. Ok, this is loaded. How do you root it? I want root, just to make what I want to do easier, in other words I have some ideas I want to experiment with, in terms of wifi, etc. So I can do what Intend and test it. This is not something I necessarily would do with an Android TV, but I want to dev some apps for antother android TV so I need to make the test environment ’emulate’ my real device, this does not mean, I want to necessarily change anything on my real device, but I somewhat need more control over the dev device if I were to use it for development.

    1. entra en aplicaciones luego busca archivos y de aqui puedes instalar algunas app´s
      no puedo instalar ni netflix ni play store, solo logro instalar iptv, kodi , youtube , mx player

  5. when i try to boot after installation i get TGRUB_ im not trying to dual boot it im trying to do a fresh install on my laptop. so whenever i press on on the pc i can just watch popcorntime on my screen, mabe download moonlight and stream some games. would be awesome.. if the bluetoot would ever work so i could connect my ps4 controller to my laptop and play some games XD

  6. Thank you and congratulations for good work.
    But I don’t get to install (or run without to install) on any computer of my home (laptops and olds pcs). They always shuts off…
    Can you help me please? :)
    Thank you again.

  7. I’v installed the thing just as you said (only I’m trying with vmware), but I have no fancy UI or anything, just a plain console thing with basic unix commands. Doesn’t matter that I try to install, or live system :/
    What am I missing?

  8. Would anyone please let me what i am doing wrong fellowed the video step by step i install on Dell D800 laptop and Dell GX620 desktop it will install but wont boot it saying no boot found plz i spend 2 nights no go thank you

  9. downloaded and clean install installed it but after reboot dell computer I get message no boot found … you help is appreciated thanks

  10. Trying to sort this out, I was able to install it, but can’t add an account or even sideload any apps. Any help getting it running is appreciated.

      1. Im using a HP T610 pc it runs on AMD T56N Processor which is 64bit but I encounter problems install 64bit linux kernels, I have successfully install Android X86 32 bit but was unsuccessfull with the 64bit, thats why I need the 32bit version as I want to make this thin client a permanent PC connected to my TV, thanks

  11. I’ve installed Nougat in Virtualbox and boots fine, but filemanager will not start; only a white screen with message ‘filemanager is not responding’

  12. I have installed it on my Intel Compute Stick, and it is having a bootloop, how can I fix this? I have also installed EFI grub2, because this compute stick can only boot in UEFI OS.

  13. after trying to install this, grub menu wont boot windows 10 or android. I have windows 10 on the menu item but it wont run. Please help.

  14. Hello all,
    Tried to install the Android TV on my old pc and after it finished installing, it starts to loaf and then it has a kernel panic and it reboots. Same thing happens when I try to get it to work straight from the USB drive I install from (Live CD).
    Need some help please, thanks.

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