1. Hello and welcome interested me about android Affairs on raspberry pi and now I have a question if there is any possibility that it could be on the Raspberry Pi connected USB DVB-T FM DAB, DAB + receiver so that everything can be found used in the car or this is not yet and will not be available if you can of course get some response on the whole matter

  2. Too bad that this case is not possible, I hope that soon all this is available and will be given the raspberry pi and Android OS used in the car.

  3. Hello,

    i’ve put the image into sdcard with windiskimager, when i start on HDMI, i see the start one second, and after, there is a dark screen….

    The red led is on, and off, after the green led blink 3 to 5 and the process restart (red led on and off, green etc…)

    have you an idea ?


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