1. I have found a way to possibly install google play, but it is a list of apps and files you need to find for your device. If I can get all the apps and files, and can get google play to work, then I will post a package for you to try.

        1. I have done it! Here is a tutorial:
          1. Flash image
          2. Resize system using gparted to 4096mb
          3. Boot rpi3
          4. Download this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2shlzlk0kulnam/GAPPS.zip?dl=0
          5. Unzip above folder on LINUX machine.
          6. Edit gapps.sh so that ADB_ADDRESS equals your rpi3’s ip address.
          7. Open terminal and cd to unzipped directory, and run “./gapps.sh” without the quotes.
          8. WAIT. This will take up to an hour. Speed depends on your network, and an rpi3 isn’t that fast.
          9. The rpi3 will reboot two times when it finishes, and come to a screen with what looks like letters smeared accross the screen press enter.
          This problem happens i think two or three times in setup, but i have not seen it anywhere else. If you see another screen like mentioned above, then just press enter again.
          10. Just finish setup, and your done! Google play does crash a cople times on the first run, butit should be good after that. You will have to sideload kodi, because google play crashes when downlpading this.
          Hope this works for you, If something goes wrong or you need more details, email me at: raymondella2001@gmail.com

          1. Followed your tutorial sir, I completed it but the what seems to be “letters smeared across the screen” you describe will not go away. It seems to be present on the home screen. I have tried rebooting several times and pressing enter, pressing enter does nothing.

          2. It worked for me. I can able to install android tv but audio is not working. I tried using both audio jack and bluetooth audio. Did anyone tried to play audio using bluetooth on rpi3.

          3. I ser only smeared letter, no matter how many times I push enter and/or reboot. One time I got to go through google setup but once It finish It crashes and I hace smeared letter again.

          4. I did find some where else that has smeared screen. I used one of the play back apps called vst, and when I play the video, the images smeared all the screen, and it won’t go away.

          5. @Carilwang : link for gapps.sh is dead, can you reload it ? I would like to try with your files, I have already smeared letters permanently.

          6. I resized my system partition as said and the last storage partition to fill up my sd card and now my pi wont boot past the Android logo, Can you provide any help?

          7. Thanks for the detailed info on this topic. It’s very hard to find nowadays to know about the basics but you did it so much well and I loved it . I would love to see more about it.

  1. Hello.thank you very much for your videos.I want to learn me how you install windows 7 in raspberry pi 3.

  2. hay i jus saw your youtube chanle i think this is all relly cool but could you add google play store for android marshmallow that would be relly good and will android marshmallow work with the official raspberry pi touch screen

  3. I tried to down the image and put it into a SD card. When I boot it up in my Raspberry Pi 3, it stuck at the Android logo screen… Did I do something wrong?

        1. I couldn’t get sideload to work for some reason, but I could use ADB install to put Play Services, Play, Netflix, etc on the Pi, and they all istalled without an issue. Play and Play Services crashed constantly, but Firefox worked without a problem. Netflix and Hulu don’t work I assume because there is no video decoding yet (or is there a fix, or other issue?). Process was the same as any other sideload from Linux to Android. I got all my APKs from APKMirror. I’ll give your method a try next to hopefully have working Play Store.

  4. Hello. Nice Job. I have a few Questions. Is CEC Support available? Can i install Streaming Apps like HBO Now, Hulu Plus, Netflix etc.?


      1. You writes again again and again: See above, but there’s no information how you managed the installation.
        It’s not helpful. Sorry but i can’t stop my feeling, that you’re spamming this thread…

        1. Im sorry. I couldn’t think of another way to say it. I replied to the first comment above, and then people replied to me, and then i replyed back with the tutorial.

        2. The tutorial was a longer comment, and it had to pass moderation before it was posted. It may not have been there yet when you first read my “see above” posts.

    1. I had a similar issues. Try a different TV, your other TV may not support the resolution( if that makes it work you need to edit the config setting to work with your other tv.). Also check the power supply that you have enough power. When I switch from a Samsung brick to an apple USB adapter my boot issues went away.

    2. Hi, I have the same problem on my LG 55UC970V. It worked once, but a few day later, a big HDMICEC update on the TV (now my provider box can handle CEC correctly) broke the pi3 androidTV 6.0.1 (30 May 2016) :-/
      I tried to plug/unplug the pi, without any success. No image. All other distros work well.
      Before this update, when it worked, I had great difficulties to try stuffs on it: on app drawer icon. And 2 setup icons, one generic and one for network. Finally I was able to find a way to launch the android native setup app to enable the developper debug mode and then I was able to push a few apk using Amazone FireTV tool.
      The only way to start apps was to use the setup app section and try the “open” option.
      So far, I only was able to start chrome. Gummy drop game was able to start but froze before I could play.
      all other apps I tried, (google play, pure apk, youtube, … failed) start and close immediately.
      I’ve read elsewhere that for some failures, it’s related to partitioning which is too small and that some partitions should be resized bigger. (but since I lost display, I can’t test anymore).
      Also, when it used to work, the display was overscanned. I lost approx 10% of the screen outside the TV edges. I though HDMI was a numeric display and as my TV is 4K (that can downscale to 1080p), the resolution would perfectly fit (just like it does for all other OSses I tested including Windows IoT and all NOOBS distros).

  5. Great job ! Thanks a lot ! A lot of apps are working even YouTube. (But I didn’t find a way to install gapps via recovery. Moreover the remote control via the Google Android TV app is not working and I didn’t succeed to cast content.)

    1. There are two google apps you need to install to get both of these options. one is “com.google.android.apps.mediashell.leanback” and the other is “com.google.android.tv.remote” you may need this one as well. “com.google.android.athome.remotecontrol”. These apps may require more of google, but you can try them to see if they work.

  6. First of all, congratulation to you to make us try Android TV ! Thank you very much !

    I have the exact same issue of rainbow screen (on LG TV).
    I thought it was about flashing SD Card, but it wasn’t.
    This afternoon I tried on Samsung TV, and… it worked ! Android boot successfully.
    I don’t know why it isn’t working on my LG TV. Others distribution work well (Noobs, OSMC…).

    I tried to change some hdmi parameter in config.txt (really randomly), but anything worked.
    Any idea ?

    Hello from France 😉

    1. Guys !
      I managed to make it work.
      It is not a problem with the power supply (mine is 2A).
      I change the config_hdmi_boost property to 11 (instead of 4 I think) to increase the HDMI signal strength.
      I also change hdmi_mode to 16 and removed hdmi_force_hotplug = 1 (but I think it is not what did the trick).

      If it can help people who are in the same situation.

      Nice job concerning Android ! Thanks again.

      1. I change my mind, in fact, it was the chance that make it works.
        When I restarted, it didn’t work again.
        And then, I tried unplug and plug HDMI and it worked.
        And I can reproduce every time I boot. I need to unplug / plug the HDMI cable to have the Android boot image.

        I continue to search for a solution !

        1. that’s the same slution.It ‘s strange that you must connect the TV and power on the TV first for Raspbian.But for this android,you must power on the Pi first,then connect to the TV.

      2. Hello.
        Can you upload your working firmware?
        or config file with this changes? but i don’t know how to insert it back in img. ((

    2. Hey just remove all the code in config file till kernel=zImage. Just let the zimage be there use the same method boot the pi before the TV

  7. Thank you Loic for your help,it works but after booting, we have mouse and keyboard working, but nothing works in the sistem.Any idea?

    1. you can use some PC manager software which can use net connect like “shuame”.You can not manage the apps in the Pi system, but you can download and install apps for the Pi.
      And run the apps,you must to to “settings” “apps” and open the app you want. If the app have no open selection,that’s mean it’s a background app.So just find the app that with a open selection,you run it.

  8. Congratulation for make android for RP3.

    I have the same problem of rainbow screen. After change values in config the problem continue. Please, any solution?

    1. Have you tried to unplug and plug again the HDMI cable after the rainbow screen happens ?
      In my case, that did the trick.

      1. Thanks. Unplug and plug HDMI and running!!!.
        This is the first step for have Android TV in all TVs. Congratulations again 😉

  9. I install android os on rpi3 it starts nicely and shows the screen and i used a mouse which is connect through a wire and am not able to seelect settings/network button but cursor is moving ccording to my handmovement can u please suggest me the best solution to this problem
    advance thank you sir

  10. I found that after installing google play services I get an error when trying to access google play due to no google account, but when I go to add one from settings > personal > add account I get the following errors
    “07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: Process: com.google.android.gms, PID: 17225
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create application com.google.android.gms.common.app.GmsApplication: java.lang.SecurityException: addOnPermissionsChangeListener: Neither user 10036 nor current process has android.permission.OBSERVE_GRANT_REVOKE_PERMISSIONS.
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.app.ActivityThread.handleBindApplication(ActivityThread.java:4781)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.app.ActivityThread.-wrap1(ActivityThread.java)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.app.ActivityThread$H.handleMessage(ActivityThread.java:1386)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:102)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:148)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.app.ActivityThread.main(ActivityThread.java:5488)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(ZygoteInit.java:746)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:636)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: addOnPermissionsChangeListener: Neither user 10036 nor current process has android.permission.OBSERVE_GRANT_REVOKE_PERMISSIONS.
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.os.Parcel.readException(Parcel.java:1666)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.os.Parcel.readException(Parcel.java:1619)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.content.pm.IPackageManager$Stub$Proxy.addOnPermissionsChangeListener(IPackageManager.java:5162)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.app.ApplicationPackageManager.addOnPermissionsChangeListener(ApplicationPackageManager.java:1093)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at gdk.a(:com.google.android.gms:262)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at com.google.android.gms.common.app.GmsApplication.onCreate(:com.google.android.gms:322)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.app.Instrumentation.callApplicationOnCreate(Instrumentation.java:1013)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: at android.app.ActivityThread.handleBindApplication(ActivityThread.java:4778)
    07-17 08:09:48.183 17225 17225 E AndroidRuntime: … 8 more
    07-17 08:09:48.199 428 1147 W ActivityManager: Process com.google.android.gms has crashed too many times: killing!”

    Anything we can do about this?

  11. This is working great so far, but it would be much more useful if it were compatible with the raspberry 7″ touch screen. Using Android with a mouse is like using Raspian with a touch screen. I hope there is a way to do this.

  12. Unfortunately, I have yet to even get this to boot for me.
    I’ve run a lot of other things on the pi3 so i know it works fine, for things like openelec and raspbian,
    but this has not so much as booted even once 🙁
    I blinking green light, but just a blank/black screen.
    Any idea what may be wrong? Thanks.

  13. How to copy/write the downloaded image file xxx.img.bz2 and xxx.iso.bz2 to the microSD card ??? please help !!!

  14. Great work! Works like a charm for me. Got some “issues” tho:
    1. I wanna develope some things on this android tv on rpi system, I can’t manage to connect my computer via adb to the raspPi tho. This build doesn’t have a “enable adb debugging” option in the dev settings either. BUT(T)… I am able to sideload apps via the Amazon FireTV utility app, which requires adb debugging on the device to be enabled… So it should already be enabled…but I cant connect the adb to the RaspPi… any ideas?
    2. I’d love to have a root terminal. Some sources state, that this image is already rooted. Would be nice, as the standart means of rooting don’t really apply here…anyone got any idea how to lay hands on a terminal with su capabilities?
    3. Is wifi direct working?
    The WiFi settings don’t have an advanced tab with wifi direct functions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean, that the system isn’t wifi direct capable at all. It is part of the anrdoid wifi API, and wifi itself is working quite stable… Any infos on missing drivers or something like that and, in case the RaspPi3’s wifi chip doesn’t have wifi direct capabilities, is it possible to install drivers for the TP-Link TL-WN725N on that android tv build?

    1. I don’t think ADB will work since the micro USB port has the data pins disconnected, according to the schematic. It is just used for power.

  15. I installed it and it all seemed to be alright. But when i booted it up i got the rainbow thing and then my tv said that there was no signal and it does nothing else even after 30min.

  16. So I have a GAPPS for Android TV ARM version ready to flash, but cant find a way to install recovery or update superuser binaries through SU App/ADB in order to grant SU to Flashify. Any suggestions?

    Any possibility of getting an image with recovery or fastboot?


  18. Hi buddies,

    Is usual Android TV on Raspberry Pi 3 take more time to initialize? (not only for first run, if not all of them)
    yesterday , I installed the Android TV SO into it, without do partition, directly win32disk copy, and work properly, however the time to SO run was more than 5 minutes ( I was desperate), reset and again same time….
    Can be affected by sd card or issue relation with the partition?

  19. Hi Guys,
    i’m a newbie to this, i followed the instructions but the pi just wont boot.
    Using a Samsung 32GB Evo Plus SD card
    I have used the same card to run OSMC … cant figure out whats the issue. Help please

  20. For all those with “No signal” errors – try using another HDMI cable (even if it works with other machines, or even other images on the same Pi). I was pulling my hair out – tried to edit config.txt, installed from windows, installed from ubuntu – made no difference at all. Changed the HDMI cable and it worked without making any amendments to config.txt

  21. So I´ve got Android TV on my pi3 but Netflix and Amazon Video is crashing. Only working Apps are ES Filemanager, VLC Player and Kodi and maybe some Emulators. That´s really too bad.

  22. to those who get the “smeared display” issue upon boot up, I had the same issue too. pressed esc and or return and or click the mouse a couple of times and the Settings options comes around. Go into settings>developer and enable the two HDMI GPU accelerator options and then next time you boot you can see what was smeared… it is asking if you want to use launcher or TV launcher. AFAICT there is no difference between the two so I just chose TV launcher permanently. After that it will just boot normally to the main screen.

  23. Definitely not working after more than 7 hours of various attempts…
    I use a 5500 Samsung TV, I can see to RP3 bootscreen but nothing appends after that.

    I will have to wait for official support of Android on Raspberry pi 3, the hacks are so often so under documented…

  24. People say touchscreen doesn’t work.
    Idk why touchscreen wouldn’t work.
    But people use nontouchscreen screens and then use a mouse and keyboard.
    What If you were to just make it with a regular display that wasn’t touchscreen and then get a airbar and mount that at the bottom of the screen. A air bar is a product I saw on YouTube that has sensors that turns any non touch screen laptop into touchscreen. Maybe you could order a specialized size for your screen. You could just use it like people are using keyboards with it. It also just plugs in USB. http://www.air.bar Let me know why this would or wouldn’t work.

  25. I’ve install this version on my Rapi 3… but I get after the Rainbow Screen just the Black Screen.. nothing happend… I’ve test it on my 27″ 32″ and 55″ TV… 🙁 can you or anyone help me?

  26. Hello,

    Thanks for the work!
    I have a question before getting into it.
    What level of DRM is supported by this version?
    Cause I’d need a level for at least one of my application. Unfortunately I can not make you test it as it is only working in France…

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi! Great work on the img, but with any video that i watch, it lags and it has a blueish color. But everything else looks good (Like Pictures.). Is there a way to fix this problem?

    Thank you!

  28. I am getting blue screen on my Thoshiba TV with both Android images on PI3. Same PI3 and Thoshiba TV works perfectly with OSMC/KODI.
    Any guidance to proceed with this will be appreciated.

  29. when I booted this up the screen just rolled vertically (the image repeatedly rolled from the bottom of the screen to the top, like the end credits of a movie) On another sd card I have retropie and it never did that. How do I fix this?

  30. Hi ,

    I downloaded the image and used GAPPS to install all the google apps, everything works well after few reboots.
    I cross compiled Andriod and the Linux kernel on my PC, however i found that the Linux kernel versions are different, the image you uploaded has 4.4.11 and the source on the git has 4.4.50 kernel version.
    Could you upload or point me to the exact source in the git hub of the atvrpi32016 0530.img>

    Many thanks

  31. I have different android images for rpi3 what I can’t figure is why one installs on sd card in 10 minutes and others say they will take 30+ hours using Win32DiskImage. The one that loads quickly is lineage OS it loads from 4 to 10MB per second while others including this one load at .05MB per second

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