1. Boot from a Ubuntu(Or any Linux) live cd and copy the files from the zip onto the drive. But the apps are really unstabble the play store doesn’t work and google play services keeps crashing.

  1. Is possible to use this installation process for Intel Bay or Cherry trail mini pc. Have 2GB/32GB emmc

    Great work,keep it up.Just made donation to your preferred site

    Thanks much

  2. Can you confirme that audio over HDMI is working? is what I need to install *__* Android x86 did not support if I am right but nexus player uses it (I installed it on a intel ComputeStick and there is no other audio output, well BT… But i would like to use my home cinema as you can imagine)

  3. Tried to get this running on a 5th gen i5 to no avail.

    its been sitting at the android boot logo with no signs of it moving forward.

    Too bad i was really looking forward to this!

  4. Hi, first of all great work friends. I got a question, how do you install the apps? The system gives me an error when i tried to install an apk and the downloads are not working, thank you, keep it up!

  5. anyone here let me know how to install this

    i tried to install it in my pc(running windows 7)
    but when i tried to boot from usb its showing an error

    “X86 installer is not available
    Press return to run live version”

    why is it so?

  6. awesome!

    i tried and installed some apps and works fine, Pursuit channel app once start to play video i cant exit from the app.

    can you make work android tv remote?

    for use a smartphone like remote control with the app.


  7. Can I install this on my Google tv set top box ? I have 1st generation Sony NSZ-GT1 and 2nd generation Sony NSZ-GS7. I would like to convert them to full operational Android tv’s. I would like them to operate like they do now but run the new Android tv software. I love how they work along side with my tv with the pass through of the tv signal (cable, satellite, etc.) and audio. Please advise if this is possible and how i can achieve this. Would the remotes still work ? Thank you very much for your time.

  8. Help..when i plug my laptop into the tv using HDMI it shows the grub menu but when it boots showing the Android boot animation it only shows the os on my laptop screen

  9. i can’t get any apps to run. Also without google play services and google play store this is pretty useless. Have you figured out how to install and run google play services and store? I have tried without success.

    1. Just install and copy the apks from another system to a pendrive and then plug it into your android TV system and then copy those apks to your internal drive on which you have installed the TV and then you can run the installation .

      1. Additionally – it does not live boot, just hangs at android logo. Same USB works on a later nuc. Android x86 6.01 works on this nuc though

  10. Hey,

    I’m trying to install it on HP THIN CLIENT T610, on the internal 2GB SSD, and when I’m prompted to insatll GRUB or GRUB2 for EFI, it seems to freeze, on both options. If I skip both, it go on and install the files, but obviously, when I reboot, it can’t find the OS.

    Any hint?

    Thank you

    1. You may not have enough storage to install if you only have 2 gb. You can’t skip the install of grub because that is the bootloader. Try installing more storage or using another computer.

  11. Hi,

    Are you still working on this project? I can boot off the Live CD and get it to run off the USB stick, but I can’t get it to install on a black hard drive. I select ext4 and format, then when I go to install GRUB, it never finishes.

    I’m using a desktop with the Intel H81 Express Chipset, i5-4570T Processor. and a 256Gig SSD.

  12. I installed nougat on vmware (linux host). All went as described until reboot of installed system. It crashes with some error messages but they scroll off the screen and vmware has no way to scroll back.

    I can run any troubleshooting you might suggest and let you know the results.


    1. Hi @kpixoos, I have a tutorial on the android TV for the rpi3 page. If you tweak it a little, you might be able to get it to work.

  13. Hello,

    I can’t open cyanomodgen and everything gets blurry and lag. I have a dell 3137 with celeron dual core and androidx86 works beautifully… ATV remote works?

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  15. how do u uninstall this thing? i dont like it and i would want to remove it. using msconfig to delete it doesnt work, so pls answer fast.

  16. Android TV improve the Way of watching television. there is anything is looking very clearly and hd form peoples are like it more. I had also purchased an android tv Of Micro-max from Amazon and it is on very lowest price and its features are truly genuine thank you.

  17. I tried v6 R2 of the official x86 build. I was able to get the live version to work, but when installed onto a USB stick, it just goes as far as the “android” screen, and sticks. I am using an Intel NUC also, but the D34010WYK. Do you think this one would work better for me?

  18. Hello, can I install in a Intel Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC?
    This sitck configuration is:
    Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit
    Intel Atom Z3735F,Processor Base Frequency-1.33 GHz,Burst Frequency-1.83 GHz;Graphics Base Frequency-311 MHz,Graphics Burst Frequency-646 MHz
    1GB DDR3L-L-RS Memory; 8GB eMMC built-in storage
    802.11bgn WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0; Supports 1x Micro SDXC v3.0 slot
    I want to change uninstall Ubuntu and install Android TV x86

  19. Anyone know how i can get it to display on my tv via vga? it display on my laptop screen but i cant get it to project onto my tv for some reason.

  20. Just my few cents to anyone wishing to use this as their mail htpc os like me. I have the folowing configuration for the problems you may face

    1. Remote
    Use the Cetus play remote server reciever on the Android TV (download directly from Cetusplay website )and the cetus play remote on your phone to remote control the TV. This is because the default android tv remote from google is not working
    2. HDMI sound for TV
    By default the hdmi sound is not playing on the TV. To fix this you need to edit the /system/etc/init.sh file and add the below command before the alsa play section
    rm /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p
    ln -sf pcmC0D3p /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p

    Here pcmC0D3 is the HDMI device as it appears in alsa_aplay -l command in terminal. You hace to put whatever lists on your device. More instructions on this at


  21. Ric96 any change that you release the iso with the Gapps pre-installed??? since the official x86 android`s come with gapps all of them.it will be a great addition to include them to be a more complete version.


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  24. How to install the android tv application on personal computer without any android emulator help. I am using bluestacks and nox app player for playing the channels on my personal computer

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  26. awesome!

    i tried and installed some apps and works fine, Pursuit channel app once start to play video i cant exit from the app.

    can you make work android tv remote?

    for use a smartphone like remote control with the app.


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