1. I installed the android tv on my Dell Latitude E5520 successfully but what I have on the desktop does not include the Youtube app on your video. On my scree are; Time, search, settings, network, Cynogenmod File Manager and a spinning “Preparing Recommendations”. I also have the following issues operating the system;
    1. The App Manager on the desktop (supposedly containing the Apps) did not bring up anything but a white blank page, it ends up with File Manager isnt responding message.
    2. I cannot add my account under the Setting, it indicates Settings has stopped.

    I am just helpless. Thanks for your attention.

    1. I am getting almost the same thing. I can get into settings but that is all. When it starts up it asks me which manager I want to use but they both seem to be the same.
      When I start the explorer sometimes it comes up and asks for permissions but after that it just spins.


      1. These applications (Google, Google Play Services, YouTube, etc.) are part of the Google Apps (Commonly referred to as Gapps) package, which does not come pre-installed. To install these, you will need to install the Gapps package in some way from opengapps.org who hosts all Gapps packages in a .zip file. These are meant to be flashed to the device, but you can find some gapps script to flash them over wifi, as Android-x86 has no built-in recovery. You can probably find a way to install gapps over at https://reddit.com/r/android-x86

    2. Buen dia tengo el mismo problema, pude instalar la play store vercion com.android.vending_5.10.31-leanback-80403186_minAPI21(nodpi) pero no encuentro la vercion de sevices para play store, que es por eso no deja iniciar seccion. tambien puedo instalar youtube , iptv , vevo, y netflix pero este ultimo sin funcionar saludos

  2. Thank you very very much for this awesome project!
    Is there a list of bugs and stuff that’s not working yet?

    Thanks again!
    Alpay Y.

  3. Hi, please assist,
    i installed android tv, but i can’t add account.
    every time i press on add account – i get “unfortunately settings has stopped working”….
    so basically i’m stuck with the basic system without any ability to add apps.

  4. Ok, this is loaded. How do you root it? I want root, just to make what I want to do easier, in other words I have some ideas I want to experiment with, in terms of wifi, etc. So I can do what Intend and test it. This is not something I necessarily would do with an Android TV, but I want to dev some apps for antother android TV so I need to make the test environment ’emulate’ my real device, this does not mean, I want to necessarily change anything on my real device, but I somewhat need more control over the dev device if I were to use it for development.

    1. entra en aplicaciones luego busca archivos y de aqui puedes instalar algunas app´s
      no puedo instalar ni netflix ni play store, solo logro instalar iptv, kodi , youtube , mx player

  5. when i try to boot after installation i get TGRUB_ im not trying to dual boot it im trying to do a fresh install on my laptop. so whenever i press on on the pc i can just watch popcorntime on my screen, mabe download moonlight and stream some games. would be awesome.. if the bluetoot would ever work so i could connect my ps4 controller to my laptop and play some games XD

  6. Thank you and congratulations for good work.
    But I don’t get to install (or run without to install) on any computer of my home (laptops and olds pcs). They always shuts off…
    Can you help me please? 🙂
    Thank you again.

  7. I’v installed the thing just as you said (only I’m trying with vmware), but I have no fancy UI or anything, just a plain console thing with basic unix commands. Doesn’t matter that I try to install, or live system :/
    What am I missing?

  8. Would anyone please let me what i am doing wrong fellowed the video step by step i install on Dell D800 laptop and Dell GX620 desktop it will install but wont boot it saying no boot found plz i spend 2 nights no go thank you

  9. downloaded and clean install installed it but after reboot dell computer I get message no boot found … you help is appreciated thanks

  10. Trying to sort this out, I was able to install it, but can’t add an account or even sideload any apps. Any help getting it running is appreciated.

      1. Im using a HP T610 pc it runs on AMD T56N Processor which is 64bit but I encounter problems install 64bit linux kernels, I have successfully install Android X86 32 bit but was unsuccessfull with the 64bit, thats why I need the 32bit version as I want to make this thin client a permanent PC connected to my TV, thanks

  11. I’ve installed Nougat in Virtualbox and boots fine, but filemanager will not start; only a white screen with message ‘filemanager is not responding’

  12. I have installed it on my Intel Compute Stick, and it is having a bootloop, how can I fix this? I have also installed EFI grub2, because this compute stick can only boot in UEFI OS.

  13. after trying to install this, grub menu wont boot windows 10 or android. I have windows 10 on the menu item but it wont run. Please help.

  14. Hello all,
    Tried to install the Android TV on my old pc and after it finished installing, it starts to loaf and then it has a kernel panic and it reboots. Same thing happens when I try to get it to work straight from the USB drive I install from (Live CD).
    Need some help please, thanks.

    1. 1.Delete the folder which is created after installing that.
      Steps for removing

      Click Start
      Type msconfig in the search box or open Run
      Go to Boot
      Select which Windows version you’d like to boot into directly
      Press Set as Default
      You can delete the earlier version by selecting it and then clicking Delete
      Click Apply
      Click OK
      Restart your computer

  15. Wow, this version looked very useful for me.
    I had tried to boot on this OS with Grub2Win, but it does not respond after entering the menu entry.
    My unit only boots normally with RemixOS and PhoenixOS, other androidX86 versions can not normal boot.
    Have any method for my config?

    My configuration as below:
    Main OS: Win10 x64 build 10586
    Partition type: NTFS/GPT
    Platform: Intel + Nvidia notebook
    CPU: Intel I7 7700HQ
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050
    Storage: NVMe SSD PCIe
    SATA Controller Mode: AHCI
    Boot Mode: UEFI

    Thanks for your help! – Stephen

  16. Is this run on 32bit machine?? When I installed android TV on 32 bit .it get me on a boot loop. And can’t run the os on flash drive.. This OS runs only on my 64 bit machine.but I need this to run on 32 bit March ne

  17. Is this run on 32bit machine?? When I installed android TV on 32 bit .it get me on a boot loop. And can’t run the os on flash drive.. This OS runs only on my 64 bit machine.but I need this to run on 32 bit Machine please help. 🙁

  18. I can get the apps to load and work by side-loading. I do get the white screen when attempting to use the file manager from the home screen but if you open the settings and scroll down through the apps to “files” not “file manager” you’ll get a very generic file manager to load. from there I was able to load apk files that I downloaded from 3rd party sources (ex. apkpure) on my windows machine , copied them to a flash drive formatted with ntfs and then plug the flash drive in and refresh the “files” app. You’ll see the flash drive contents and you can simply double click the apk and install it (I plugged a usb mouse into the laptop for easier navigation and selection”. I had more success if the first apk I installed was ES File Explorer. Then you can exit the “files” app and open ES File explorer. From ES File explorer I accessed the shared file on my windows machine via “NETWORK” “LAN” “SCAN” and entering my credentials. I was able to get most of my apps to install, some errored out though. But after installing 5 or 6 small apps and running them successfully, it would always start erroring out with a “need to create more disk space to install this app” message. Even though ES file explorer showed that I had close to 500 gb available.

    I’m assuming this is due to the fact that I couldn’t get it to successfully reboot or boot again after shutdown like the rest of you on here. I only had the above success if I chose the option to load the OS immediately after the install instead of choosing the reboot option. So that being said, yes I got apps to install and work well, but each time I tried to reboot I had to repeat the whole process of installation from scratch again and would get to around 5 apps to install and work before telling me my disk space was full and then it would break.

    I tried these methods on a 500gb internal laptop hard drive, a 32gb usb flash drive, and a 16gb SD card, and all had the same result as listed above.

    Note 1: the apps I was able to install and use were, “ES File Explorer”, “VLC PLayer (worked 2 times and didn’t 2 times), “Perfect Player”, “Terrarium tv”, “redbox”, and “Google Play Services Information”. Apps that wouldn’t work were, “kodi (always kicked the disk space error in)”, “Droid Buddy”, “MX Player”, “Google Chrome”, “Google Play Services”, and “TV Launcher”.

    That’s all the apps I tried as it was too frustrating to repeat the process so many times.

    Note I was using a Dell XPS L702X laptop that has a 2nd generation 64bit “i7 processor”, 16gig ddr3 ram” and a “2gig gddr Nvidia GPU” a pretty powerful machine back in it’s day but it did not have a Windows installation on the hard drive that I was working with, I used a hard drive from my stack of drives that i had freshly formatted to NTFS and then to exFat trying to see if it was the original format causing the issues.

    Hope this helps someone come up with the booting solutions.

  19. when I install on VMWare player, it always boots into console mode. How to fix this issue?
    Same issue for both nougat and oreo.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi, I have a problem
    when inserting a CD with the iso recorded and select the option to install
    I select my partition of 20 gb, accept it then I install boot loader grub, I think booot item for windows, I put / system directory as read-write and install, but when placing the space for user data, I probe with 2048 mb and 512, but it tells me that it could not be created, then when trying to access the system it loads me and the last thing it says is something like this: detecting android x86 sda5
    and then rebootea the system, if I try to use the cide as live test cd the same thing happens.
    any ideas?????
    my pc is a dell inspiron 1525 with 3 gb of ram

  21. Is there any possibility of making an ISO 32bits Android TV available?
    This version would be the chance to resurrect old machines

  22. I have successfully installed this on a desktop, a laptop and VM’s, apps load fine and work. The problem is the OS doesn’t recognize any of the video ports. HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI. The battle continues.

  23. Ric96 any change that you release the iso with the Gapps pre-installed??? since the official x86 android`s come with gapps all of them.it will be a great addition to include them to be a more complete version.


  24. Guys, the Android TV software was created to run on an ANDROID TV!… So obviously you will have some issues running it on a PC. Jeez…. common sense?

  25. I tried to install it but it was not possible. Only booted as live.
    Lenovo S205.
    CPU AMD E-450
    4 GB RAM
    ATI mobility HD 6310

  26. Hi!

    I am using the androidTV 7.1 build and is working great, i really like it!

    Is it possible that you make a AndroidTV 8.1 build port also?

    That would be awesome to have the latest version

  27. This android tv 7.1 zip gives errors when unzipping. I have tried on two different computers but still the same problem. Any suggestions?

  28. Hola, alguien sabe ¿Cómo controlar el volumen? el parlante se escucha bajo y con ruido. Con otros SO no me pasa. Lo tengo en una AIO.

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  31. Hello, I installed the android tv x64 on my dell thin client and I cannot set up the device because the ethernet connection is not being recognized and I have no wifi adapter on this client. Any advice? Thanks

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  33. You have done good work but at this time this version is useless for 99% of people. There is no way to install anything. Hope you can soon bring out new version with basic functionality at least.

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  36. i made my pen drive bootable with this rufus software . when i boot from my pen drive there comes 4 options but when i choose one the installation page comes in half of my screen.. and everything written on it shows as a dotted line…like micro version…… not understandable…. thus a blink is there which the only thing recognisable….what to do clearly see the all the options at the time of installation

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