1. Hey, i just tried Android TV on PC, filemanager white and no gapps. Does this include gapps? Tried to sideload google store but failed. Can you please write a smal guide how to sideload apps? :)

  2. Thanks, sadly it freezes after clicking the let’s go button. I’m using an HP stream x360 with a celeron. If anyone has any ideas…

  3. Runs perfectly on my old Core 2 duo with nvidia 650 gtx. Installed from usb, using my own custom made grub4dos installer. Perfect sound, perfect video in YouTube and online streaming services and IPTV broadcasts in 1080p and h265. Kudos guys it is the best Android port for PC, 10 times better than Remix or PhoenixOS.

  4. Hi, everyone,
    I noticed the current stable Kodi (17.6) doesn’t work on various Android OS’es except for Remix and Phoenix.
    Kodi 17.3 (x86) was needed when 17.6 didn’t work. I have no idea what is involved here but I think this can be sorted out on the operating system side rather than Kodi.
    I think this also because Kodi 17.6 works fine on Lineage 14.1-r1 installation but not on an r2 installation.
    Hoping the developers will look into this or pay some attention.

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