Compile from Source:

When I tested It I had trouble with compiling from source using the following branches:

  • Chinook 3.0.1: failed to sync repository
  • Latest on Chinook Branch: failed to compile
  • Master: failed to compile

However this may change soon. I you are interested in compiling AGL for Raspberry Pi try the following documentation page:


Download Binaries:

Download link for the rpi3 image on this page ( ) Does NOT work.

For me this link works:

Before Getting Started I would recommend having a working UART connection to you raspberry pi:

  1. Write the downloaded file to a SD card (minimum 8GB) using you favourite tool like dd, win32 or etcher.
  2. Power on the raspberry pi, you should see a blank screen but some output on the uart, make sure you can login with the user root on the uart console.

Now we need to get around the no-display issue:

  1. Have a good read here:
  2. In that page follow the steps under “Disabling Homescreen in AGL 3.0.x CC release”
  3. I would recommend doing it manually on another system by inserting the pi’s sd card as many of the files are write protected
  4. If you are on a separate machine you would have to navigate to the following directory to get the thr rootfs to be able to modify the files
    <montpoint>/ostree/boot.1/agl/<random string>/0/<this is the rootfs>

Getting demo apps running:

  1. After the modifications have been done boot the raspberry pi and login as root using uart
  2. we will use the command afm-util, run “afm-util –help” for more detail
  3. “afm-util list” will give you a list of demos pre installed
  4. “afm-util run <demo id>” will run the demo from the above mentioned list.