Hey all,

I know I don’t do a lot of blog posts like this one, most of them are just extra info on the video I upload, however that is planned to change and hopefully it looks more like a blog.
To begin with, some good news!

I am so excited to announce that I have joined the 96Boards team at Linaro as an Applications Engineer 😀

As a part of my job I’d be responsible, along with my colleges for a lot of demo projects that are created by my team as well as a bunch of documentations and community support as usual.
This brings up an obvious question about the YouTube content, and the answer is pretty straight forward. Yes there would be a lot less videos, maybe one video per weekend with some exceptions now and then. I would still be reviewing other boards and non-96boards related content as well and promise to not let my position influence my reviews.

As for whats up next, today I will leave for San Francisco to attend Linaro Connect and hope to bring some great content and (V)(B)logs from the event, If you are visiting as well, hope to meet you at connect !

Hello all, this is my new blog and it will be replacing my old blog (http://ric96.blogspot.in/).

This blog will contain all the tutorials, write-ups etc related to my videos on YouTube.

Hope to see you again soon.